Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do you really know me?

Do you really know me the way you think you do
I don’t think so
Because if you did then your perceptions of me would be more accurate
Instead of being so off base as they are
Makes me wonder what you really think of me
If you can even conceive the thought of my intentions being as such
Like it is even in my nature to do something to purposely hurt you or what we have
Yes at times stress and frustration can make you do and say things that you would not normally say or do
But I am not an evil, conniving or a deceiving person
That just is not in my nature
I would think you of all people would know that but I see that you don’t
I guess that you could never ever really understand me
Understand my thoughts and reasons behind my words and actions
But I guess that since you could never walk in my shoes you can never know
All you have is what you think in your head to be true
But I refuse to admit to something that is not the truth
My life experiences has made me the person that I am today
And since we were raised so totally opposite of each other
There is no possible way you could truly understand me
And what lives inside of me
I try to be upfront and explain my feelings and reasons
But for some reason you do not believe me
Like I would have any reason to lie to you in anyway
I don’t and I would have never married someone that I could not be open with
Someone who I can be me around no matter what
You are the man I chose as my life long partner
I try my best to explain my motives but for some reason you still misperceive
I understand that you have been mistreated many times
But what you fail to realize is I am not anyone that you have ever dealt with before
I think that you hold me accountable for everyone’s mistakes
I do not think that is fair
As much as I have tried to explain you still just don’t really get me
Guess there is not much else to do after I have already spoke from my heart
But I guess you already had your mind made up before you even consulted with me
I guess that two people can never read what is in the others mind and heart
That we only go on what we think but I see we never really know
We only know what we allow ourselves to believe
I am the only one who can know what flows through my veins
What makes my heart beat
What allows air to flow through my lungs
What feelings I feel
What thoughts I think
What makes me whole

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