Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're Breathtaking

Your looks…
You are lookin soo damn fine
Too many thoughts runnin through my mind
You are the sexiest man I have ever seen
You are the man of my dreams

Your smell…
You smell good enough to eat
Into your dimensions I cant wait to retreat
Your shirt I love to sleep wrapped in
Your unique scent I smell within

Your touch…
Your touch feels like heaven
Keeps me beggin
For more, touch me here; touch me there
Your love never lets me prepare

Your taste…
You taste like the sweetest honeydew
I just can never get enough of you
Body fluids being transferred
In our utopia we are transformed

Your sounds…
Your moans and sighs are refreshing
Your satisfaction is replenishing
Making me want to please you more
Our fantasies we explore

Your soul…
Your soul speaks to me
In so many ways, sometimes I just cant believe
Your soul is connected to mine
Makes me want to press rewind
This love is defined
Our love is forever intertwined

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