Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Commit

We are about to make the biggest commitment of our life
We are soon to be husband and wife
I am as happy as I’ve ever been
With you the rest of my life I plan to spend
I never knew I could ever find true love
I commit my life to you on this special day and every day thereof
I always thought that I would never find Mr. Right
The fire inside of me you ignite
You bring out my inner passion
Accentuate my compassion
Within that I never knew was there
On this day my love I delclare
For the world to see
And envy
What we have people search their whole life for
And never find a love like ours that soars
I promise to be the best wife you could ever dream of
Our love was sent from above
We were definitely blessed
This love we share had progressed
Into something we could have never predicted
Our love is unrestricted
Make sure the lines of communication are always open
Let our love always flow like the ocean
So free and clear
Our souls are bonded now as one we appear
From this day on
I will prove what has been agreed upon
For eternity in our utopia I submit
To you my life I commit

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