Thursday, June 12, 2008


Aids took you away from me
For all the world to see
You went out of our sight so fast
But you left us plenty of memories to last
It is your gentle touch that we miss
And your cheek to kiss
You are my big brother and I am your little sister
Your horrible death wrecked my life like a twister
I am dealing with so much grief
My heart is in so much disbelief
It’s been almost a year now
But it still feels like yesterday since you threw in the towel
I know that you did not mean the horrible things that you said to us
Even though you gave everyone so much fuss
I know that the pain took over your mind
But there was no cure to find
You once told me that it felt day to day like you were living with the flu
You were no longer the brother I once knew
Your body was in too much pain
It felt like you was just hit by a train
I wished that there was something that I could have gave you to take the pain away
All that I could do is hope and pray
Then that cool summer morning when
God finally called your name
Now nothing could ever be the same
You told mom that you saw Heaven and you did not want to leave us
But it was your time to go, it certainly was a must
I bet that it was a long journey home
Now you have a new place to call your own
Our life here on earth goes on
All we have left to do is mourn
I will definitely mourn you
Until I join you
Now all your son has left is very few memories of his dad
And now he will be forever sad
All I can do is hold him and think of you
I will be sure to let him know what a fine you man he can be too
You will forever be in my thoughts, prayers and my mind
I will always remember and be grateful for the short time...
That God gave us

R.I.P Joe Hurlburt
March 17, 1971 - July 9, 1997

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