Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wish you were mine...

I wish you were all mine to claim
What is it that you share with her that you don’t with me
I have given you my soul and everything that goes along with it
But still it doesn’t seem to be enough
When we are together it feels like our personal section of Heaven
Reserved especially for us
Nothing could be more perfect
Still you don’t know the depths I would go for you, for us
Where there are no limits or restrictions
In your presence I feel as is we are the only two people on this earth
No one else exists or is even relevant
Almost like we are untouchable
But then reality sets in
And you are going home to her
You give me your heart just enough to loose myself in you
Then you snatch it back to share with her
My heart aches to be the only love in your heart
I realize we had issues before you and her reconnected
But we still share our love within us
Unable to completely let go
I don’t know how to move on when my heart is consumed with you
But loving you and not able to claim you as mine hurts even more
I just wish your love for me was just as strong and my love for you…

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