Wednesday, June 11, 2008

True Love

Your love makes me feel like soft rose petals falling down my face
Into my heart, blossoming into full bloom, our love is something that cannot be erased
You make my body feel warm inside on a cold winter day
Our love is definitely here to stay
Everyday, all day long I am thinking of you
I can’t concentrate on anything else, and forget the things that I have to do
Your love consumes me
Your love sets my heart free
To explore every possibility to any depth
Our love is so strong nothing could ever intercept
You satisfy my every need
Anything I could ever dream you gratify me indeed
You are everything I will ever need for sure
Anything you throw my way I am ready to endure
With open arms, I accept it graciously
I will always be there for you waiting by your side patiently
I will go to any length to make sure you are satisfied
Any request I will gladly comply
Our love is as relaxing as a rainy day indoors
Making love all day long, tantalizing every core
Our love is not to be tainted with
Our love will live on like an old myth
From here on out we are considered as one
Everything we do we accomplish as one
Your love is something I could never live without
In my heart there is no doubt
Our love is forever
And forever we will be together

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