Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Life

In the beginning everything was butter
A bad word against you I wouldn’t dare utter

Then as things got more serious
You started acting mysterious

I guess you thought you were above me
Just because we had a wedding decree

You thought you could control me
Everything you said, I would agree

You didn’t want a wife; you wanted a servant
I was young at the time and wasn’t very observant

You would leave me and hang out with the boys
Come home late because you wanted to play with your toys

But had a fit if I spoke my mind
Things were ok as long as I was confined

I thought relationships were give and take
But you were full of disappointment and heartache

I expressed my unhappiness so much you had me thinking you were deaf
As years went by it was as if I was already dead

Inside was hallow
Your words became harder to swallow

I couldn’t take it anymore
Tired of my feelings being ignored

I had to get out
I was hurting so bad I just had to scream and shout

So I finally built up the courage to flee
I had to do what was best for me

And do you know what, that was the best thing I could had ever done
Now my life has begun

It is my life to decide
Only my rules to abide

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