Thursday, June 12, 2008


Life for me has completely changed
By choice, all the men in my life are now estranged

Was tired of being the one giving
Always the one forgiving

Removing all possibilities off the shelf
I am so much happier by myself

I am learning how to live my life alone
Living life for me and taking care of my own

It was time to break out of that same routine
Looks like I am back out on this dating scene

Meeting different people, enjoying what life has in store
Happiness to the fullest is the road I want to explore

I am the only one who can make me truly happy inside
Unable to share the love within so I keep it confided

Maybe one day I will find someone who is worth my time
He would have to keep up as I continue climb

Right now my life is in my control
To strengthen only my soul

Not looking back but learning from past mistakes
Setting goals and raising the stakes

No more drama left to exchange
My life was due this drastic change

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