Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emotional Suicide

Is the only suitable thing for my mood

Nothing against you
There is nothing you can do

This is something that I have to deal with myself
No one else can help

No one can take away the pain
That I battle within, it rains

Constantly, it is hard to control
Not sure what will unfold

I don’t really know how to handle these emotions
I feel as if I am being sucked up by the ocean

It is hard to decipher through these feelings
I cannot explain what I am dealing with

Just understand that nothing is directed towards you
I am struggling to construe

I have declared combat within
Didn’t mean to throw you in the spin

Please do not take offense
Because it seems I am on the defense

But the warfare is being fought
Within me, and has gotten me all distraught

This was not meant to hit you first hand
I hope you can understand

I love you
For understanding and dealing with me, thank you

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