Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caught Up

I know I am not ready for commitment
I still hold in my heart a lot of resentment

From past events
Had me doubting what love represents

I was not looking for anything serious
Because love can make you delirious, angry and oh so furious

But, across the smoke-filled room there you were
I had no clue what was about to occur

The attraction was undeniable
Even though you’re true intentions were unverifiable

Now that time is being spent
Feelings getting caught up without minds consent

Trying hard to pull my heart back
Cannot allow myself to get off track

Enjoying every second of your presence
Caught up in the moment disregarding future consequence

Leaving heart and mind torn
Trying to prevent being scorned

Too scared to put myself out there
Fearful of being left in despair

But these feelings inside grow more intense
Weakening my defense

Now my heart is stuck
Trying hard not to get caught up

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