Thursday, June 12, 2008


Wearing what I want
Even if it flaunts
Doing as I please
Never trying to tease
Hanging with the girls
The hair always tight with curls
Not needing a man
Doing it all myself, because I can
Not having to answer to anyone
But myself, not listening to no one
Always being me
If you don’t like it just flee
Going where ever I choose
I am always right and you always loose
I am not trying to please you
Only myself, you can do what you do
And I will do mine
Not worrying about the time
Having much fun
Until I feel that I am done
What I say goes
I don’t just shut up and go with the flow
What I say counts
Expressing myself, not letting the tension mount
Doing what ever my heart feels
Not looking for a free meal
I don’t need what you got
I do for me and mine, and we already got a lot
I don’t need you
I only need me, and I am doing well to
You didn’t think I could
Well you shoulda
I proved you and everyone wrong
I stayed under you for too damn long
Now I got it all
And it’s my call
Coming home as late as I want and lit
Freedom is mine, I just took it

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