Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You're Loss...

You had it made and you just didn’t realize
I would have taken care of anything you could idealize

I had your back no matter what went down
I was your queen and your wore my kings crown

If you said jump I would ask “How high”
There was nothing for you I would deny

I was your shoulder to lean on
Made you feel special from dusk to dawn

There were no limits to my love for you
My love was always pure and all so true

In the beginning our love was like a fairytale
Anything that came our way we could prevail

To my shock, out the blue things just turned to hell
Not sure what really happened, but with my love you started to rebel

I never did anything, but you were never able to completely trust me
With your reasons I could never agree

I understand people have done you wrong
But to you my mind, body and soul I belonged

I was your wife, your soul mate
But our vows you chose to desecrate

The things you done in return could never be forgiven
You left me no choice to go the route that you were given

We thought our love was forever
Now there is no turning back ever

The true me, to you I could never get across
I tried everything possible to make it work now our love we have crossed
There was nothing more I could do to convince you, baby it’s just you’re loss

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