Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost in Love

Lost myself in you
Searching for the love that was long overdue

Had me wrapped up so tight
Catching me off guard making me loose my sight

Forgetting who I am to be
Fully trusting you with my heart set free

You had me completely open
Had my heart hopin

It would last forever
The love we shared is now severed

Our love was so intense
Loosing my defense

Two opposites coming together
Thinking we could weather

Anything that came our way
Not knowing we were just prey

Got caught up in this love thing
The depths of our love we would cling

Sometime love just isn’t enough
Love wasn’t supposed to be this rough

We just couldn’t seem to stay on the same path
Couldn’t weather love’s wrath

The troubles our love has cost
In our love we were lost…

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