Thursday, June 12, 2008

Catch Me

Not quite sure how, I feel these feelings I am feeling
This wasn’t supposed to happen
Due to past dealings
Didn’t think I had it in me
And allow someone in so close to me
Been hurt too many times
Not trying to fall blind
Have no control over how my heart feels
Willing to chance it, to see if its REAL
Whats love if it is never felt at all
Just know I will always be here,
Giving my all

Are you there to catch me if I fall???

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Lyric Phoenix said...

You write so vividly. Sometimes, I laugh. Sometimes I cry...this one was cute and it just made me feel moved. I haven't left comments on all of them...but i am reading them. Poetry Night Anyone???

JStar said...

:) Thanks lady...I just write what I feel deep inside and this is what comes out...Yea we have to do open mic night real soon