Thursday, June 12, 2008

Done with the Lies

Nothing is as it seems
What happened to our plans and dreams

Were they all just a front
To get what you want

What did you think I was ignorant
And would put up with it

Sorry to tell you
That I am smarter and wiser and could see the truth

For what it really was
You thought I would stay just because

You put it on me
You thought I wouldn’t see

Even though you had me fooled for a moment
I could see past your false commitment

Even though you feed me that fairy tale
The truth prevailed

Had me forgetting who I really am
And made me feed into your scam

Putting me down like I was no one
Had me forgetting I was someone

Someone with class
I was someone you could harass

But I regained my true self
And stopped compromising my health

I don’t need anything you have to offer
Now it is my book and I am the author

My story to tell
My chance to excel

I am done with the lies
Stop trying to deny
It is my time to say goodbye

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