Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Husband

You have proved your love for me
For all the world to see

You complete me and make me whole
You are within my soul

Now we are as one
Our future has begun

My love for you is undying
Our goals are underlying

We have before God and our families committed
Our lives to each other we have submitted

We promised love and honesty,
Trust, respect and monogamy

I have every intention on living up to my words spoken
Each and every promise will remain unbroken

Until death do us part
Are the words that remain in my heart

In sickness and in health
Even when there is no wealth

Money can never suffice
What we have doesn’t come with a price

It is felt within
And remember never to forget where we have been

For our road is destined to be long
As years pass our love will grow stronger

This is the biggest commitment of our life
I am honored to be your wife

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