Monday, June 9, 2008

My Big Brother

Childhood memories of you
And all that we have been through

Constant fights
Hair pulling and arm bites

Teaching me to tell time and tie my shoe
What to or not to do

Teaching me how to love what’s inside
Worries and concerns with you, I confide

Taking day trips to amusement parks
Watching in amazement lights and firework sparks

Teaching me how to drive
With you by my side I always felt alive

Teenage mistakes
Giving me back what life takes

Disagreements and arguments forgotten
No more revenges plotting

Both young parents together learning
Giving our children the love they are yearning

The lessons you have taught
I pass onto my children, what is most sought

Your guidance taught me, me
I truly wish you didn’t have to leave

Me alone, not knowing, lost
Your journey for love has cost

And left me without my big brother
Your soul still fills me enough to smoother

I feel you within and around
Your words of wisdom and experience still surround

I miss your strong arms comforting my fears
Your gentle hands wiping away my tears

Even after 10 years, I know somewhere you are still here
I just can’t accept your gone, I just miss you oh so dear

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Lyric Phoenix said...

I lost a sibling too. Seven days before her seventh birthday. She would be 22. I miss her terribly. All the time I miss her. I love all my siblings...even the ones I do not know or have never met. Something about the bond between siblings. It rivals hunger.

JStar said...

Loosing someone is never easy...Words can ease the pain and writing about it eases it even more...Cherish them while we are here because once they are gone, you cant get them back.