Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Promise...

These were my wedding vows... If you reconize some of the lines its because I took pieces of the poems I had written for him and combined them into one poem...

Baby, I promise to always love you unconditionally
I promise that I will be the one who shows you a love traditionally

I promise to be everything you will ever need or desire
I promise to provide you with everything that you require

I promise to always stand beside your every decision
I promise to be all that you could ever envision

I promise to show you a love that is ever so true
I promise to show you happiness that is long overdue

I promise to always be honest and never lie
I promise to be the one that you can always rely

I promise to be the keeper of your most private secrets
I promise that you will never have any regrets

I promise to be the protector of your heart
I promise to always finish what I start

I promise to be appreciative of everything you do
I promise to listen attentively to the little details and never subdue

I promise to be there for you when you need me
I promise to never hurt you or deceive

I promise to always pay attention to the hands that are dealt
I promise to love you more and more each day, in sickness and in health

I promise to be all yours
I promise to assist you in your endeavors

I promise to always adore, honor and cherish you
I promise to always demonstrate respect that is due

I promise to kiss away your tears when sadness makes you cry
To make you feel priceless, something that money can never buy

I promise to be your strength when you feel weak
I promise to be the treasure that you so eagerly seek

I promise to be your shield
When you are not quite up to the battlefield

I promise to be your guiding light
When the clouds from the storm send you out of sight

All these things I will prove
Any doubt you have I can surely remove

As I promise these things with a guarantee
I am confident that in turn you can promise the same to me

On our special day, I dedicate my life
To you always as your loving wife

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