Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Blinded by the facade of you obscured my view
Only showing me what you wanted me to see
Going above and beyond to make my love respond
Persistently pursuing while chasing others undecided in choosing
Reaping the benefits of a relationship while faking companionship
Giving me what I need all the while your lies continued to mislead
If you didn’t truly love me, why did you pretend to love me
I would have respected the truth and my heart protected
You can’t play with emotions and misdirect devotion
Selfish desires can backfire
When you finally realized you needed me, I uncovered your disguise
Saw straight through your falsies leaving my heart displeased
Now you want another chance, on bended knee thinking a ring could enhance
And make me forget the pain of loving you in vain
But the thing is that I love me more and refuse to be hurt anymore
So now I must go and heal, and patiently wait for the one who is real


Brian Miller said...

I love me more and refuse to be hurt anymore...nice strength in that....and best to wait for someone real...for sure...

Reggie said...

Very nice, I do enjoy your style JStar.