Thursday, April 11, 2013

I pray-8/30

You will not consume me
I refuse to let you be
The reason for my tears
My haunting fears
And allow my soul to take hold
Of the pain that has already stole
Years of smiles
Provoked depressions bile
Stop attempting to control
And swallow me whole
Memories torture and just won’t fade
I can no longer be afraid
I kneel down and pray
Please Father; take all of this pain away
Don’t allow a momentary relapse
Set the trap
For sadness to overwhelm
And hold me physically in that dark realm
I refuse to go back there
To every detail of the scars I bare
I want to forget and no longer relive
But how do I forgive


Big Mark 243 said...

Forgiveness is overrated... but letting go isn't... you don't have to forgive and let someone remain as so much of an afterthought in your life but you can write off the relationship as an experience and go forward from there... jus' my opinion...

Reggie said...

You know JStar, forgiveness is just as important to the wronged as it is to the person that wronged. We have to forgive and move forward, or we will be consumed by something we have absolutely no control over.

It is what it is.