Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Take my hand-2/30

Take my hand and show me the way
Lead me to the depths that take me straight to your heart
Let me explore the cultivations of your minds mechanics
Take a journey through you
Stroll in and out your subconscious
So that I can better understand what makes you tick
The cause of your happiness
The rays of your light
To feel your sadness
Discover what sends you over the edge
Definitions of your anger
Each element that defines you
Leave no stone unturned
I want to know all of you
And love you for who you truly are
With no misperceptions
No clouded visions
That love can shadow
Not interested in your representative
Or any shaded versions of the truth
No one is perfect, I get that
But I want to love your imperfections
And adore that glimmer in your eyes
Melt every time you lick your lips
Be there to pick you up when you stumble
Shelter you from the rain
Become the one you turn to at first thought
You’re Bonnie to my Clyde
The one who will always be at your side
So, take my hand
And I will follow


Brian Miller said...

smiles...nice nod to bonnie and clyde...and nice humility in allowing them to lead...

Reggie said...

Very nice. Very nice indeed.