Friday, February 1, 2013


Enlighten your mind to the realities hidden in plain sight that is there for the reading
Don’t give into the lies the government and society spew, its purpose is misleading

The history books only tell us the sugar coated falsies they want us to believe
As we know Christopher Columbus didn’t discover shit; he enslaved, killed, raped and thieved

But yet his misdeeds are celebrated as a national holiday
Wars of greed are the foundation our history and country was built on, the lies being fed to lead our minds astray

My forefathers disgust me; the inhumane acts leave me tearfully angry and speechless
And if slavery’s indescribable horrors weren’t enough, whites still continue to oppress

Who the hell told them they were better than all other races, scared of what they didn’t know and couldn’t comprehend they overtook and controlled
Thinking 40 acres and a mule could make up for all they did and unselfishly stole

Fast forward a hundred years and society hasn’t made much progress, racism still breeds
Assonating Abraham Lincoln, JFK, MLK and Malcolm X over the fight for equality eliminating their dreams as the pavement their blood still bleeds

Global warming causes these tsunamis’, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and flash floods that are happening so often we are unsuspecting of what the next natural disaster could be
Just like Atlantis one day California will be taken over by the sea

Revelations is coming to pass as we speak and we don't even recognize His words coming to life right in front of our eyes
We are too blinded by what they want us to see we don’t realize that right under our nose constructing plans devise

The government is not what you think it is, who is really pulling the strings may shock some
In today’s music we are being brainwashed with messages disguised by the beat of the drum

The secret society won’t be so secret coming on a scheduled day soon
The world will be ran under a familiar but new moon

Society disregards all that our Father has taught us; Proverbs rules of life are being exploited
And all that is right is being avoided

God gave no mercies to the blatant wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah
He warned us that this time around there will be no Ark hand-built by Noah

There will be no preconceived knowledge of His coming
The evil this earth is plagued with is increasingly growing at a rapid pace and in God’s eyes displeasing and unbecoming

As it stands today are you truly ready for Judgment Day
In front of Him, you cannot explain all of your sins away

Praying for forgiveness without repenting is purposely defiant
The Basic Information Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) is our only definite all that we should be reliant

Yes, it was written by man but you best believe it was Godly inspired
And these laid out instructions are what is required

Prepare yourself now and live everyday as you are intended
Read for yourself and apprehend

To have the “fear of God” is a promising reality and from his wrath meant to frighten
His Word is our guide and for all purposes to enlighten

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Reggie said...

Free your mind and the rest will follow.