Wednesday, January 30, 2013


She was desperate and turned tricks to feed her children and survive
On her back is the only skill she had mastered
Her father’s years of abuse had numbed her and she no longer felt alive
She married young to escape which as well ended in disaster
Suffered years of beatings, black eyes and broken bones
Until she got tired of being sick and tired
Unable to love another she remained alone
Using the only experiences she acquired
The ability to please men, she knew exactly what turned them on
They were easy to coax for what she wanted and needed
Her beauty and loving personality men were instantly drawn
Sincerity in her eyes would mislead
Until there was this one man she tried her best not to love
Pushed him away while he offered her the world along with his heart
But the feelings she felt she tried her best to dispose of
When he finally gave up she fell apart
Trying to give his love to another
But it was not who wanted her heart longed for
As well as every other
True feelings she continued to ignore
Spent her nights crying herself to sleep
Trying to push past the pain she felt
Horrors in her mind replayed on repeat
Denial made it impossible to get past the hands that were dealt
Lost in her thoughts
In her memories she remains trapped and consumed
Allowing them to haunt
She smiled so brightly that happiness was assumed
After years passed, he returned on bended knee
Her world seemed to radiate
But loving herself would finally set her free
And her pain would slowly eliminate

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Reggie said...

This is a very powerful post, very powerful.