Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I don’t even watch the news anymore, tired of the sadness and senseless acts demonstrated
Then we have social media that is full of gossip and rumors with truths inflated
Wanna be gangsta’s sitting behind the computer keyboard thuggin
Attention seeking half naked women, dick tugging
Wondering why they only get approached by losers but asking where the real men are at
Ego’s take over and shit talking interludes but still scared to stand up and throw fists
Instead picking up a gun when they get offended and feel dissed
Murdering and robbing one another, thinking they have the right to take lives with their hands
Taking control and disregarding God’s plans
There is no longer any regard for human life
Women giving it up so easy no longer interested in the role of wife
Baby daddies not even attempting to find a job to help pay for the kids they chose to create
Leaving the single mothers to carry all of the weight
Real fathers being denied visitation
Even when they step up without hesitation
Baby momma’s using their kids as pawns
Self respect now days is dead and gone
Young boys out here with their ass hanging out all the while jean shopping in the women’s section
Facial tattoo’s and lip piercings with no ambitions or direction
Truths are lost and caught up in unforgiving lies
Rappers speaking nonsense while kids wrongfully idolize
Radio says it’s ok to disrespect women and words no longer need content as long as the beat sounds good
Keeping it real is bullshit and goes against our ancestors lessons, realities misunderstood
Young parents out here partying every night, leaving their children to raise themselves
Helping one another is almost obsolete, only truly caring about ourselves
Married and committed men never satisfied out here searching for that side piece of ass
Disrespecting and treating her as if she has no self worth or class
Working hard is out the door while women are fucking their way to the top
And for a petty warrant, they think it’s smarter to shoot at the cops for a routine traffic stop
Kids out here forgetting the value of education, instead they are smoking weed and sexing
Parents not even interested in their kids’ lives, too busy posting stats on facebook and sending naked pictures, calling it love texting
Working hard every day just to pay bills and it’s still not enough to get by
Assholes’ thinking it’s ok to beat her at his will and leave her with a broken heart and black eye
Real friends no longer exist because they are too busy worrying about how you can benefit them when they need
Too quick to leave you out in the cold and step right over you in the name of greed
People no longer know the meaning of loving unconditionally
Morals and values are no longer traditional
Parents too lazy to cook healthy meals not realizing McDonalds and XBOX is the reason their kids are over weight
I could go on and on but in the end, society’s lack of human interest will still leave me frustrated


Brian Miller said...

sadly i agree...its brutal how little value we put on the lives of others...stomach turning actually...

Reggie said...

Me too....but this is a nice twist on words.

Nice post JStar.

JStar said...

Thanks :-) I have actually added a few more lines and reworded a bit. I may add more on later. I am glad you felt me!