Friday, January 4, 2013


The walls are closing in as my sky suddenly falls
Darkness overcrowds as my vision blurs and clouds
Fighting away the webs that entrap, all the while my mind recaps
The memories that just won’t go away, tortures rewind and replay
An aurora of light storms enter my world and my mood conforms
My spirit in sadness taints the scene with each brush stroke my heart paints
Tears within bleed red, while the smile displayed is misread
Blood flow rushes straight to my head; losing my balance as the ground I imbed
Locked deep within my pain, trapped in the fetal position leaving pillow stains
Blocking out everyone around, while only silent cries defy sound
Rejecting love and concern, ducking at every turn
Feeling unworthy as I alienate, devouring suffering resonates
Consuming and overpowering heartaches, wanting to sleep and never again awake

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

felt piece jennifer...

happy new year to you...smiles.