Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a memory...

You started something you were unable to finish
Now my thirst has ran dry unable to be replenished
Empty promises now null and void
My phone calls and texts you started to avoid
You vowed that your arms would catch me if I fell
My bruised heart has a different story to tell
Left alone without a coat in winters brisk cold
What was a perfect love story now remains untold
I unselfishly gave you the key to my heart
While you were racing to the finish line my feelings were stuck at the start
If you weren't ready, why did you allow me to love you
With prior warning you retreated leaving heartbreak to ensue
You claimed you just needed to step back for a moment but still at a distance false hopes compiled
Time has passed us by and we are still lingering in feelings of denial
Knowing what we had was real and worthwhile
My face now displays a reversed smile
We didn't know how to get past disagreements while we were still just learning one another
I know my feelings got overwhelming and started to smother
But I couldn't help falling for you, our connection was strong and intense
From day one we clicked even though we knew it didn't make sense
Since we hardly knew each other but the feelings were undeniably real
Caught up too soon scared away the feelings we still feel
I had to honor and respect your choice
But I still crave the sound of your voice
Every moment of every day I try to push past the urge to pick up the phone
Instead I lay in my bed hugging myself hurt and alone
I still smell and taste you but you in my vision my eyes no longer see
Tears stream from my eyes remembering what was but is now just a memory


Brian Miller said...

ouch...dang...def high on the emotion in this one...not a clean break at all...and messy...hope this is not your present reality...

Big Mark 243 said...

I agree with Brian... you are a beautiful and wonderful woman with lovely daughters... you should have the love you desire...

Reggie said...

You stuck your foot in this one, nice post.