Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My friend…my love

I had a crush the moment I laid eyes on you but always kept my distance
The way our hearts palpitated in our presence, secret desires denied existence
First and foremost we have always been dear friends
You are that one I trust and turn to, your advice I graciously depend
It is amazing to discover we both have hidden feelings
Taking things to the next level is now anxiously appealing
I value all that we are and never want anything to come between all that we have established
But just being next to you my doubts have been relinquished
Your words clutch my inner core as your voice awakens with secrets that encrypt
Inspirations plot our unscripted manuscript
Of yet to be told stories compiling with each feeling and thought
Taking our time to learn how to love one another as growth gradually allots
Uncontainable emotions make it harder and harder to resist our physical temptations
Our first kiss replays in my mind causing overwhelming head to toe tingling sensations
You’re warming embrace leave footprints that linger when you are no longer near
Dreams become reality as our visions form clear
Lost in the seas treading uncharted waters of the familiar but new in every way
Intimacy demonstrates all that our hearts want to convey
Even before penetrations enter the equation
Mutual respect outweighs our undeniable lust filled persuasion
Excitement rushes in and my stomach does turns and flips
The world around falls in darkness illuminating my beating heart into an eclipse
I am ready to put forth the effort even though there is no guarantee
Because to be in your arms is the only place I want to be
The only place I feel safe and free
To give all of me
My friend, my love
And all else thereof


Brian Miller said...

smiles...this is a beautiful kind of love you describe...one grown naturally.....lovely j

Twistn Wordz said...

Great write JStar. You definitely keep me entertained with your words.