Thursday, April 22, 2010



The pain and troubles have already been endured
Now you have grown and matured
Move on and wipe away your tears
Resist by overcoming your fears
Dont allow them to consume
Dont ignore the flowers bloom
Enjoy the beauty bestowed before you
Defy evil plans being construed
Stay in search of things that bring joy
And rebuke the things that destroy
Listen to that inner voice
Happiness is a choice


Jingle said...

Good Morning:

Great flow,
It is very joyful to see you shine with another excellent piece.

Attending Rally is not about one time fun, if you keep following other participants, they may keep following you, then friendship develops and best wishes.

you are very smart by giving me a comment, otherwise, I may not be reminded to jump here and enjoy your work!

Jingle said...

It is such a happy feeling to have you in our team!
everything in your blog appear gentle, lovely, and full of wisdom!
Happy Thursday!

JStar said...

LOL...I appriciate poetry...I am now finding new poetry through your :) and becoming a follower...Thanks Ji!

JStar said...

Aww how sweet Ji, I am honored! My poetry is my lifes experiences that I share, hoping to touch others! Entering this contest is helping me write more disciplined...

Brian Miller said...

very nice...there is so much beauty that goes unnoticed...glad to see you in the rally this week as well. some great people and hope they get to meet you and your poems...

JStar said...

:) Thanks Brian, Yea I am discovering new poets as well :)

Ana Goncalves said...

Lovely to be acquainted with you, and your experiences in flow.

Isn't that the truth with choice. :)

Have a beautiful weekend.

Anonymous said...

happiness is indeed a choice if you look at it that way.. you can be in self pity, feel sad.. but you can look at things on a different side.. lovely piece of poetry :)

Miss.Stefanie said...

"Dont allow them to consume
Dont ignore the flowers bloom"

Loved this line!

Sarah Joyce Bryant said...

Ah, Happiness is a choice! Yes, it is something I forget quite often. I love the flow of this poem and its message.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, reading my poetry, and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it :)

P.S. I love the look of your blog. It is very calming and comforting. The perfect setting for reading poetry!

25champ said...

Happiness is def a choice and that my friend is a start to defying the devils plan. If you decide that you are happy everyday when you wake up in the morning when bad things happen u will take them in stride. I love it. Thanks 4 sharing.

JStar said...

Jingle, I have discovered so many talented people through your blog! Thanks sooo much for leading me towards others! And your compliments, makes writing exciting! I am honored to be on the team! I write from my heart and whatever appears on paper, forms magically….In sharing my experiences, I hope to help others through their trials and tribulations…If my pain could give hope to others, then it makes my pain all worth it!

Oh so true Brian! I was in the rally as a fresh poet last week or the week before…Yes, I have ran across so much talent!! I hope to share my words to more and more people!

I am so excited to have ran into you Ana! Yes, I make the decision to be happy each and every day…Until it actually worked :)

Oh sooo true Melancholymoon! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Yea Steph, heed those words…You of all people need to write that out somewhere and reflect on that regularly!!! Love ya girl :)

Thanks so much for stopping by Sarah! Yes, I forget often as well…I read my own poetry for motivation as well :) Aww thanks, I just picked it because it was purple, my fav color if you cant tell lol…”Purple Rain” :)


Jingle said...

5 awards for you.
Happy Thursday!

JStar said...

:) THANKS Jingle! Such an honor!

Pat said...

Amen!!! Jennifer really good poem!! I'm glad you stopped in and Thanks for your lovely comment,I tell ya Jingle has brought so many bloggers together and she is such a loving,giving friend! I enjoyed my visit Jennifer and I will be back,thank God for letting the poetry flow!!!! It didn't happen for me yet lol.
Love you and have a beautiful evening.

Rania Abuisnaineh said...

Hello Jstar,

This is such a beautiful poem, I love it! I really admire your ability to produce poems from the bottom of your heart--like a duende that has taken over your voice and words...Wow...

(Hang on, I'm still staring at the pretty purple page theme) Anyways, nice job--Looking forward to reading more from you soon :-)

Rania Abuisnaineh