Monday, April 5, 2010

Do I Love You?-My Daughters Poetry

Do I Love You?

Do I love you?
I dont know
Do I love you?
I'm so confused
I have never been in love
So how would I know?
This feelin' I have for you
I cant explain and cant let go
No one else can come close
When I'm with you I get so quiet,
I dont even know why
Maybe its because you take my breathe away
The second I leave you,
I get so confused
When we seem to part and you are out of my sight
I start to miss you
When I talk to you on the phone,
Your voice makes me melt
The sad part is that officially your not even mine
But I could care less about them other girls
They mean nothing to me
I've known you for so long, almost all my life
I should be over this feelin' that I feel for you
But I'm not, it just gets stronger
And I am scared
I'm scared to open up to you
Cuz I'm scared to love
But most importantly I am scared to love you
And I dont know why
I know you told me you would never do me wrong
And thats what I am scared of
I am scared because I know you would never hurt me
That terrifies me
Do I love you?
I'm not sure
Do I love you?
I think I do
But now the question is how do I show you?
And what would you think?

Shadows of You

I sit and wait by the phone,
Day and night
Just to hear your special ringtone,
That I will never recieve
I miss your company
Can we atleast be friends?
Where is your sympathy?
Is it even there?

I still hear your voice in my head
As I sit and lay in my bed,
The same place where, before
Many messages from you were read
Shadows of you raoming around in my head

I dont want you back
I just want your friendship
Which is what we lack
Like we had before
I sometimes wish I could
Go back in the past
And make our relationship last
But until then
Shadows of you are roaming around in my head

By: Tanaesha Leak


Miss.Stefanie said...

Til this day I still have my poetry book. Great poem!

JStar said...

Aww Steph...I wish I had my old ones :) Thanks

RoByn LaTice said...

I just threw my old poem book away..somethings i just didnt want to remember. Now I regret it. This was nice!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

She's very talented.

Dulce said...

It must be in the genes....
She should be thinking about creating her own blog!

Brian Miller said...

these are wonderful...the first smacks of those first feelings of love. tell her to take her time. love will find her. happy easter friend (a day late, but oh well) smiles.

Shay said...

I remember my first poems . I wish I still had them to reflect back on .

Anonymous said...

That is very good. I feel like a teenager again reading it and remembering how it was.

Steve E said...

I remember very well, my first "poem". Age 6. And BTW, it did NOT rhyme--grin! So I got a "D".

Times, they DO change. Real talent there in your daughter, in her thinking, and her communication skills! I hope she has guidance to match her talent.

Unbreakable said...
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