Thursday, April 15, 2010



My world is flipping upside down
But I see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place
Listening to the sounds
Of your voice and recognizing your face
Leading me through the fires
Protecting me from harm
No longer living through desires
Not falling for the devils charm
Finding strength within
That I never felt before
You are the only one I can depend
To open closed doors
I never thought possible
Each day no matter the circumstance, I praise your name
And you show miracles that were once impossible
Now, my life will never be the same


Brian Miller said...

remember you are never that find strength. peace to you today.

Supastarrr said...

<3 this shows your inner strength. you'll be just fine, believe that.

25champ said...

U know God is gonna lead thru the storm. Sometimes we have 2 be broken completely down before we are able to be rebuilt. His hands have been on u frm day one and has allowed u to have a monumental influence on others.....Now he is gonna focus on getting u to ur highest point. All will be bitter sweet for u in the end. Great Post! and my poem mind games is waiting for you to check it out.

JStar said...

Yes Brian, I feel Him carrying me through...Literally...I have been through hell and back, but this time is easier...My faith has given me confidence and strength I never knew I had...

:) @Supastarr, I DO believe that....

Yes Champ, I have been broken ALL the way down more than once...But I wasnt living right then...I was comsumed in sin...but I made it through the worst...Now, I KNOW I can make it through...Even if the worst comes again...I KNOW that God has something better in store...and now I know what not to do :)

Dulce said...

Of course you can, and yes you are the only one who can. That strength is there, it alwyas has... but we tend to believe we need and depend on the other to be ourselves.
Chin up girl!

Katlynne LaSalle said...

Oh love, I know you're gonna be alright! Your writing, and your connection with God will get you through. Somehow this post brought to mind the song by Patti LaBelle
and Michael McDonald my mom used to play, "I'm On My Own."

You've got us, too. So you may be on your own, but you are not alone!

Meagan said...

There is so much strength, belief, power in these words, there's no doubt in my mind you will get through the storms.


Ji said...

two awards for you,
the most disciplined poet award,
the most popular poet award,

Miss.Stefanie said...

You are never alone mi amor! YOu have us! Great and beautiful post J

Cynthia said...

Stepping out in Faith, is always

Pick up a copy of "Women Risktakers", by Dr. Patricia Bailey.