Monday, April 19, 2010



All of my pain, released
No longer allowing past hurt to hold me back
Half of my responsibilities, released
No longer taking on other responsibilities as my obligation
My burdens, released
Not allowing others to bring me down with them
My hesitations, released
No longer wasting precious time second guessing
My doubt, released
My faith assures me
My worries, released
No longer stressing over the uncontrollable
My fear, released
Knowing God will carry me through
My self-consciouness, released
Walking with my head held high
My insecurities, released
Truly loving me in totality
Drama, released
Not allowing drama into my life any longer
Headaches, released
Previous stress not affecting today
Obligations from others, released
No longer taking on others responsibility
Heart-aches, released
Not allowing heart-ache to prevent future love
Disappointments, released
No longer allowing others to take my joy
Expectations, released
Giving it ALL to God, allowing His will to control


25champ said...

Powerful. I'm glad ur in a better place mentally. This poem was very inspirational. I love it. Great Post!

järnebrand said...

Yay...! :) Lots of good energy today! Great post. Hugs to you/ Jo.

Brian Miller said...

wow. power verse today jstar! glad you are onthe back side of all obviously returned your energy!

Dulce said...

Oh this sounds so positive and joyful.... gooooood for you girl!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Wow, so powerful! Loved this!

Don said...

Drama, released and no longer allowing others to steal your joy. I truly feel you on this. I try my best not to compromise myself as much as I have in the past. I tend to believe that I need to save much of myself for myself.

Jstar, you certainly were able to say alot in so short of a poem. Writing the prose must have felt exactly like the title.

Too funny @ And NO Don, I DONT miss him lol

alixelena2 said...

Released. Re-leased. Is it somewhat liken the phrase, A New Lease On Life?

If so, the gratefulness you express is just right to accompany your "Live the moment" philosophy.

I wish to be thankful to read your posts.

Traci Lavette said...

Good for you, J! Cleansing is sooooo good, isn't it? Feels like a huge weight has been lifted. It's like the sun coming out after darkness! I know first hand how that is. Glad you did what fit YOU and not anyone else.

Just telling it like it is said...

I'm happy your happy...but I never get happy about cleaning...that is why I have a child...just kidding...we make my dad do it!!!

1manview said...

a positive mind and a heart full of God is all you need... Great poem.. Have a great day, and better tomorrows...

The Write Girl said...

This is must feel amazing to be released and free. P.S., is that a new profile picture? If so, you look very nice. This will certainly inspire anyone who needs a lift to their spirit. :)

Jingle said...

what a relief,
I hope to see you fly,
cool poem!
Happy Wednesday!