Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts-Guest Poet Tanaesha Leak

Here are a few of my daughters fresh poems written within the last two weeks that I thought I would share.  She does have my account passwords and log in info and does read your comments :)  Come on now and give my baby some confidence so maybe one day she will create her own blog....But other than my posting her poetry and my eyes, NO ONE else has EVER read her poetry...She refuses to share because she is very shy...So come on and tell my baby what you really think of her words :)


Cloudy night
Rain falling from the sky
Kinda dark outside
Lights set dim
All I can do is think of him
Bringing smiles to my face
Thoughts of him brightens up my day even then
He was the Prince to my Cinderella story
Cant remember one bad memory
Until the very end
Choas overthrowing my thoughts
Afraid to step foot to him again

Emotionally Confused Syndrome

I am emotionally confused
Is it my heart that is bruised
So many thoughts flowing through my head
Just want to fall asleep in my bed
Dodging the craziness ahead
But tears I will not shed
These issues are scaring me
Emotions that I dare not to see
To my confusion there is no key
Why wont these problems let me be
Can I put this to an end
Why to me it repeatidly sends
To my heart there is no kin
In my mind this is a trend
Having this Emotionally Confused Syndrome

Wait & See

Shallow days
Dark nights
Storming and raining
Hurting and crying
All over the world
But my heart I still depend on
To move me towards the light
The dark and storm I fear
But I shall move forward
Eventhough it feels like it
My life is not completely over
You have not totally crushed my heart
It still beats
I dont need you
Or your so called "love"
But still I cant wait to hate you
And break through these emotional changes
But now when I hear your name
I think to myself, "What a waste of time"
But when I see your face
My heart stops
What a shame
But even through my heart is torn
I will move on
And you will see
How much better of a person
I can be
Without you
And the next will heal
And put back together
What your love has broken
Just wait and see...

By Tanaesha Lashaye Leak


25champ said...

Glad 2 see everything wrkd out 4 you. Your daughter has untapped talent. I see that she gets in a real rhythm with her words and thats assign of a big vocabulary. I love all 3 poems.

JStar said...

YES Champ!!!! I STILL need a lil more just to make gas...but I WILL make it through!!! :) Yes, she is really getting better each poem...

Jingle said...

this is a fine poem too,
Happy Wednesday!

sssdawna said...

those are actually pretty good!! very mature and well written : ) she should definitely make her own blog.

God is very very good, i'm happy for you.

you're learning to set aside your pride, i'm learning to control my emotions.

i tagged you btw!

Traci Lavette said...

The poetry is good. Like the comedians that become as funny as they are due to the pain they've experienced, it seems like your daughter has pain of her own.

Even though it seems that we have so much more to say when we are hurting, I hope things get better for her because there's so much more to life than pain.

I do love the way she expresses herself though and puts her words together...especially in "Emotionally Confused Syndrome".

Dulce said...

OMG... I already told you it's time she created her own blog... Sorry , maybe I'll just go and read her then LOL

I especially loved this last stanza
I can be
Without you
And the next will heal
And put back together
What your love has broke

So soon the lesson is learnt!


Hugs ;)

Brian Miller said...

yay! glad everything worked out for this week...that is awesome! your daughter has some serious talent!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

OMG! She is amazing! I loved all three!! How deep for such a young girl. She got an I'll soul Jay. Dont let her lose that.
"You have not totally crushed my heart
It still beats"
*claps* Simple line with heavy meaning. Kudos!!

Also, please check out my new blog
Thanks! =]

Expressions27 said...

Your daughter's poem sounds like how I used to write when I was young and going through the "love changes." She writes really well. Keep encouraging her to use that as a medium. Let her know that my favorite one is 'Wait and See.' The line, "But still I can't wait to hate you." I have truly been there! ;^)

Leslie said...

yes your daughter needs her own place - very good stuff.

Good works those things out amazingly

love moondustwriter

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

These poems are VERY GOOD.
Such wonderful words,
Emotionally Confused Syndrome? WOW..
Please do get yourself a new blog...
I would like to be your FAN.
Happy Thursday!
Mine is here

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your girls are so big!