Wednesday, April 7, 2010



Soft whispers in my ear
Ignoring the sounds that I hear

Heading in the direction I feel
Forgetting nightly to kneel

Stressing because nothing is going as planned
And I dont quite understand

Not happy with the person I became
But still I dont hear Him calling my name

Daily He makes His presence known
The inevitable postponed

Until we have no choice but to turn to Him
Bringing light to what was once dim

Overwhelming feelings
Of an inner healing

Letting go of personal expecatations
No longer worrying about complications

My path is now clear
Allowing His word to adhere

In His joy I rejoice
Reconizing His voice

PS:  I just took the pic above this morning in the bathroom at work playing with my camera phone :)  I took a bunch more but this is the only one that came to my email as of yet, the others are taking forever....


järnebrand said...

Overwhelming feelings
Of an inner healing

I liked that.
Hugs to you/ Jo.

Don said...

Enjoyed the prose and message behind it. I believe we all could stand to wait on the Lord, as you stated.

I definitely could stand to stop, look and listen during all the times where it appears He warns me, and I fail to heed the warning signs.

Interesting @ Its funny because, I truly didnt realize all that I just typed until now...I am having a sort of revelation and my path is becoming clear

Brian Miller said...

nice. easy to stry from the path, but sounds like you are heading back int he right direction...

Shay said...

I like this !
I can def. relate .

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Beautifully written. I too have to learn the art of patience. It's a struggle.

Secretia said...

"Whisper" is beautiful..So are you in this new picture, you look too young to have children :)


Ji said...

beautiful and novel!

Ji said...

the most creative poet award,
pass it to 1-3 poets...

25champ said...

Sometimes we don't hear him calling our name, but it takes time. U are on the right path and in time you will know when he is talking directly 2 u. Great Post!

Steve E said...

J, I thought sure that was your daughter, until "Secret Lady" set me straight...pretty!

And your poem is one of giving advice without sounding like that. Thank you for a "fresh one"!

Freckles said...

Honee, Sometimes we have to let our "piece" be still so that we can hear His voice. I often get overwhelemed with my doing instead of His doing then I wonder if I missed something. Then He reminds me that he is always here. If you get a moment read Phil 4:6-12. He is always sharing but that is the power of choice.

Praying and smiling for your path.

Dulce said...

How beautiful you are.
Oh please change your photo profile for this ONE!