Thursday, April 29, 2010

His Battle

Good Morning All!  I just got finised writing this, inspiration came from a gospel song I heard driving to work this morning.  It spoke volumes to me with what I am dealing with.  Still learning to Let Go and Let God...It gets hard at times because of daily stresses and issues arrising.  But my faith carries me through.  Knowledge is key to your relationship with Him.  Just knowing the basics of what is pleasing to him is just not enough to sustain you.  Reading your bible is so important.  God speaks to us through His word.  Everything I read, speaks to my life and gives me guidance with whatever I am dealing with at that moment.  People say God doesnt reply back to their prayers, maybe you just arent listening...God gives us answers in the most unlikely way, we may not reconize because we are not familiar with His voice.  He sends confirmation but we ignore...Until we cant ignore anymore...Until He breaks us down and we have no one else to turn to.  Dont go to Him ONLY in your troubles, Praise Him for His blessings.  ALL blessings originate from HIM, give Him the glory!  Have a blessed and wonderful day!

His Battle

Let go and your joy will be complete
Dont just fall in defeat
Your troubles make you stronger
Dont hold onto the guilt any longer
Repent your sins
And your peace will begin
Never give up hope
Whatever it is, you CAN cope
Set your mind at ease
Dont question God's expertise
Stay in fear of His reign
Allow His glory to attain
And His knowledge to excite
Realize that its just not your battle to fight


Dulce said...

What a prayer my dear friend
To be repeated, to be kept as the best karma.
Great poem... and so helpful!

JStar said...

:) Thanks Dulce!

Brian Miller said...

very nice is not our battle to fight and i am glad you have come through yours.

Jingle said...

smart move in the end,
Happy Thursday!
thank you for the acceptance of awards in my blog...

25champ said...

Beautifully written :)

The Write Girl said...

This is beautiful...God bless you and may all your prayers be answered.

THE BEATY said...

nice poem good one for poet rally...

ray said...

well said. Yes, it's important to keep God in one's heart during good times as well. I like your writing. :)

Miss.Fortune said...

i love it..i am going to forward this off to someone that i feel it may uplift and of course credited to you.
you are always so positive

Miss.Stefanie said...

So beautiful!!

Jingle said...

Happy May to You!

JStar said...