Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tanae`sha Lashaye-My Daughters Poetry


I dont know why the sky is blue, or even why the grass is green
Makes me wonder is this more than what it seems
I dont know why summer starts in June
Or why winter comes too soon
Even makes me wonder at night why is it only half of the moon
So tell me why do people fall in love
And let their heart sore above
Leaving it vulnerable and open
So that without knowing, it could be easily broken
Makes me wonder why it is so easy to fall in love
But so hard to restore your heart after being broken

***These two are dedicated to Michael Jackson :)  Even the one above has a few of Mikes lines if you can recognize his words...***

Now I Realize

I know at first I seen you as such a bad person
Because thats the picture people painted in my head
So before you left I never really knew you and I never really cared
I just went by what people said
And now that you are gone
I realize your greatness
I realize your perfection
I realize your innocence
I realize your shyness
I realize that you cared for others
I realize that you had a heart
And I realize that deep down inside you were hurting
You were hurting because they made you seem as such a bad person
They made you paranoid about the way you looked
They took your pride
They took your childhood
And your manhood
They took away the ability for you to sleep at night
They made you into a person you were not
And someone you could never become
And at the end they were never happy
You told them to leave you alone
But they never listened
And now I realize how sweet of a person you were
Hopefully now they will leave you alone

You've Shown Me

You've shown me how to not be so selfish
You've shown me that the world needs healing
You've shown me how to love outside of myself
You've shown me that prejudice is ignorance
You've shown me that they dont really care about us
You've shown me that you should never come second to none
You've shown me that sharing is the key to life
You've shown me how to respect someone even if you dont like them
You've shown me how to be a lover not a fighter
You've shown me that not everyone is what they seem
You've shown me that through everything your are not alone
You've shown me all this
Through your music, your walk and your talk
You've shown me alot and we never personally met

By Tanaesha Leak


Brian Miller said...

very nice...some talent has been passed down...i think the first is my fav actually...there is a good rhythm to it...very nicely done!

JStar said...

:) Thanks Brian...Yea, that was one of my favs too...She has a whole book full about young love that I may post later...

järnebrand said...

I loved the "Why" poem... She seems to be asking the right questions. Through her writing she will find the answers eventually. Writing about things always helps. You must be so proud of your baby, Jennifer. Beautiful and talented. :)
The two poems honoring Michael Jackson were pretty terrific also. Hugs to you and to you poet daughter :)

25champ said...

Like mother like daughter :). She has real talent, she's seems pure hearted which is rare these days. It seems that the essense of love that you pour into your writing has also been spread through out your househould. Great Post!

Anonymous said...

She is thoughtful and talented, just like you, Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

She is thoughtful and talented, just like you, Jennifer!

JStar said...

Thanks sooo much Jo :) Yes, I am so very proud of her...

JStar said...

Yes Champ, she does have my heart and my talents :) She is a very private person and can only express her true feelings through her writing and to me...

:) Thanks Secretia...

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

So well done.. thank you for sharing with us.. it is great that she can express herself so well ... she has your talent too, J.. you should be so proud!

Me got awards for you, come on over here

Happy Wednesday!
hugs with love,

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Awwwww! She's such a talented young lady =]


JStar said...

Thank yall sooo much :)

Thanks Shakira :) I will stop by this weekend and pic it up...

Dulce said...

How beautiful your girls is... and I thisnk she writes as well as her lovely mother... WOW!

Supastarrr said...

she's really great! I love "You've Shown Me". She's doin it big just like you, mama!

Steve E said...

Your daughter IS a poet. Also in collaboration with a musician, she could well investigate a career writing song lyrics.

I wanted to sing as I was reading...

Thank you both for this pleasure tonight!

Miss.Fortune said...

wow!! she is following in your footsteps. i loved the poems.

Pam said...

The was great!!! I personally loved the second one 'Now I Realize'. That one really hit home for me. Keep up the amazing work!

Lady Dee said...

Wonderful. Great way with words. Loved it.

RoByn LaTice said...

Awww, she's such a pretty girl. I love these. My fav of the three is the first one. "Why". I can relate completly to the second one in my life though. She's a really good writter..following in her mothers footsteps! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

Jingle said...

grand opening,
Happy Easter!
Happy Writing to your daughter.
she will be a good one!

TechnoBabe said...

This young woman has a wonderful heart for others and her words show she cares. I like the way she writes very much and I hope she continues to write.

Traci Lavette said...

Ya don' good, lady! She is taking a page out Mama's book and it is so bomb. I'm very proud of her and don't even know her. Tell her I think she writes beautifully, and to keep her pen in hand and thoughts flowing!

Passion's Daughter said...

That baby has a way with words. She got her mother in her for sure.

That beautiful poetry you write must have inspired her along the way because she is doin it with her expression! I guess I'll be looking out for her blog next...

Don said...

Wow @ So tell me why do people fall in love
And let their heart sore above
Leaving it vulnerable and open
So that without knowing, it could be easily broken
Makes me wonder why it is so easy to fall in love

*scratches head*

This makes perfect sense.

Now she has me wondering the same. I have to believe it's because we are inclined to love one another, so that MIGHT be it. Perhaps.

Your daughter writes good poetry. ut oh. I see some competition in the household. LOL!

Ji said...

Happy monday!

Ji said...
runner up award,
plus participation,
Happy monday!
thank you for voting Jingle!