Wednesday, March 10, 2010

True Importance

We are allowing life to take over
Defining what's urgent
Instead of prioritizing
For what's reall important
Life's petty obligations
Really dont matter
Why stress over the unimportant
Take time to enjoy this life
Live out your purpose here
Take the gifts that God has given
And use them for their true purpose
Bless others just as He has blessed you
Even when we dont understand
Obey and have faith in His plan
Even if we dont like it
We are exactly where we are supposed to be
Enjoy this moment in time
Savor the beauty and blessings in front of us
Learn the lessons provided
Allow your home to be your sanctuary
Block out the troubles of the world
Make time for what's truly important
Take time to reflect
Listen and hear His instructions
Dont allow life to cloud your hearing
Envision the path that has been provided


Miss.Fortune said...

your blogs/poems/ and most of all reminders always come at the right times!
thank you

JStar said...

Its His spirit talking through me Daja! I just write whatever thoughts comes to mind...I feel good just knowing my words can touch others and help them through whatever they are going through!

TechnoBabe said...

Hubby and I say this to each other all the time: Our home is our sanctuary. Only three people have ever been in our little home and we live a quiet peaceful calm life. I like your writing.

Brian Miller said...

dont apologize for the journey you are on and for sharing is refreshing to read...i look forward to it...nicely done...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful prayer.


25champ said...

Amen to that. You've been given me my daily bread lately. Keep it coming as long as you can. I love it!

Don said...

Love this jstar. I have to admit - it speaks to me right here and now. I actually read it three times, very slowly each time, in my attempts to think about what you so matter of factly stated....and mental examples that I either follow or need to follow and stick with.

So, thanks for sharing.

Kilauea Poetry said...

This spoke to me..I see so much here-
"Bless others as He has blessed you"-(Resources- we can draw out to in turn "bless others")-
"Home is the sacntuary" (we create that environment) powerful..
"We are where we are suppose to be"
There were many other things but I especially liked how you closed with having a vision!
Thanks, Regina-

Miss.Stefanie said...

So beautiful and inspiring!

Susan said...

Very nice! I wrote a piece on Tuesday that you might like. It was called Paradise Lost.

The Write Girl said...

I love your spiritual words of inspiration. I can certainly say I've been blessed by your words. Beautifully written. Thank you : )

The MANChild Swagga said...

Beautiful JStar.