Thursday, March 4, 2010

God's Gift

Life is the most precious gift
Treat it as such and do your best to uplift

Stop wasting time in sorrow
There will always be tomorrow

To make a fresh start
And ease your heart

God is in control
Have trust in Him as His love consoles

Enjoy each moment as if it is your last
Once the time is past

You can never get it back
So make sure happiness is intact

You only get one lifetime
So make it worth each and every dime

Keep loved ones close
And be sure to thank God first and foremost

(c) copyright Tue Aug 04 17:55:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


Steve E said...

As I read this, I had just commented to someone (Just Be Real) that "when all else fails"...PRAY. I now pray she understands that I meant, if I pray FIRST, all else may not happen!

Thanks. Your posts always send a message apropos.

JStar said...

Thanks Steve...Maybe it wasnt meant for me to write something new and share this message today. I am glad that my words touched :)

Brian Miller said...

thanks for the uplifting challenge in your poem...hope ou have a great time at your class today!

1manview said...

Nice piece Jstar. Most of us seem to pray after the fact.
Pray first and God will always be first in your thoughts and your heart.. Glad you are feeling better.. Have a great weekend..

JStar said...

Thanks Brian :) I am sooo excited...

Thats exactly what we do 1manview...

Realliveman said...

I love this!!!!

JStar said...

Glad you enjoyed Realliveman!

Unbreakable said...

Very encouraging.

25champ said...

Great Post! I'm glad you feeling better. Your poem is a reminder to be thankful and to put God first! I love it!

JStar said...

I am glad Unbreakable that you were encouraged! I hope my words can help in this time for you.

:) Thanks Champ...Yes, such a powerful message...We need a reminder sometimes

Kiera said...

You’ve been awarded the promising poet award, check it out at :



JStar said...

:) I am honred Kiera

Dulce said...

Great poem... full of strength and purpose!

Miss.Fortune said...

reminds me of the law of attraction!
God doesnt make mistakes so take life for what it is and stop being lazy/complaining and start living life

Kiera said...

Hiya, just a quick note to say, you don't need to pass on the award to 12 people xx

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Uplifting positive and GOD


Stay blessed, J.

Have a great weekend.