Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mid-Life Crisis

Dedicated to Johanna Jarnebrand :)  She was my inspiration for this piece!

Mid-Life Crisis

Not where I expected my life to be
Nothing accomplished for the life I wanted for me

Too busy taking care of others
Catering to the kids and undeserving lovers

Re-evaluating what it is that I desire
Finding the happiness that I require

Realizing that being happy is a choice
Now listening and obeying my inner voice

No longer looking to others to provide when what I need truly lies within
Ready for my fulfilled life to begin

Said goodbye to people and things that no longer had a place
That drama and stress now replaced

No longer worried about petty obligations
Raising my expectations

God provides unconditional love that I have been in search of
I give all my worries and troubles to the Man above

Wake each day with a genuine smile on my face
Satisfaction and happiness embraced


Brian Miller said...

nice. Jo is good peoples.

the thing is you can choose to change any time...if you dont like where you are, you can change it...i am in my midlife crisis i think...

Realliveman said...

Hi JStar. I've learned that if I stop expecting things to turn out a certian way, life provides all my dreams and desires. Just do what you have to do, detatch from the outcome and don't expect anything. The universe will provide everything you need. I used to laugh at that, but now I know God is working to make my life what it is supposed to be. If I interfere with that, that is when life seems less.

Also, if you want that red/orange banner gone at the top of your blog, let me know. I know a very simple way to remove it. :)

JStar said...

THANKS Mike for fixing the code for me!!!!!

Yes, Brian...It IS a choice...Take this time to reflect! Your feelings will change, just when they are supposed to...Find that inner happiness again...Even if you arent happy with where you are, appriciate its beauty!

järnebrand said...

Jennifer... Aw, you are so sweet. Thank you. You are full of wisdom, I just need to listen. :)
Mid-life-crisis... well, I don't know. There's a lot spinning in my head right now, that's true. But I am confident I will pull through. I always have, always do. Eventually.
Thank you again.
Hugs and hugs and some more hugs/

Anonymous said...

Your composition provides insightful guidance to almost anyone who is fortunate enough to read it. So nicely written.

Thanks, Secretia

25champ said...

Great Post! It's hard to prosper when we fail to recognize the small blessings that God has already given us, it is up until then that we start to reap the benefits of the things that we desire.

Mista Jaycee said...

Well alright! Way to get some clarity! Way to prosper and you have time to achieve the goals you want! Just now you know the value of time!

JStar said...

I KNOW you will too Johanna :)

Thanks Secretia!

Sooo true Champ! I am reaping my benefits now, even when they come will bumps and road blocks :)

Yes :) and time is soo precious Jaycee

Dulce said...

Enjoy peaceful moments... moments> that's all we have my dear"!

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Hhmmm... I do not know if I have a Mid life crisis, Life is full of them, lol

but, think ex did and I divorced him. He had it for the twelve years we were married. Enough is enough.

I agree with Mike. I do not have ANY expectations, I mean, GOD KNOWS BEST, so, I hand it all to HIM after I have done my best.

Take care now.


Miss.Stefanie said...

You always have the best poems!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

this was real cool. i think 30 hits everyone like.."oh shit i'm not 20-something anymore". but it isn't the end all of life. it's not the age where everything is perfect. there is no age where everything is perfect.

i find myself a lot of times trying to do things i've always done. or hearing someone say how "such & such is so old.." then finding out they're talking about someone younger than you. lol but i'm enjoying my 30's.