Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You-Prayer

Thank you Lord for continously blessing our lives
Thank you for opening our eyes
To your promises and guarantees
Thank you for putting our troubles and worries at ease
Please give us strength to bear adversities
Fill us with the Word that accompanies
Your love and grace
Our hunger for your knowledge embraced
Thirst for your spirit overcomes
Guiding us to being the best we can become
Teaching us your Word as it empowers
Your glory and love continuously showers
Cleansing away our sins
Continue to walk with us as our journey begins
Help us overcome the devils constant attack
Fill us with the confidence we currently lack
Thank you again Lord for always having our back
Thank you for keeping our lives on track
Even when we thought we didnt have the strength to continue
Thank you for your love that always renews
Thank you Lord, Thank you

In Jesus name Amen


25champ said...

I love it! I will print this out and put on my bedroom wall. This amazing on my favorites. Great Post! and God bless!

JStar said...

:) Aww really...I am honored that my words have touched..Now I just have to get the courage to read it...Its easy behind a computer to share my poetry but reading aloud is something different

Secretia said...

I'm printing that prayer to keep for myself, it's real nice.

Thanks, Secretia

Brian Miller said...



JStar said...

Aww really guys and ladies...I wasnt sure, I kinda thought it sounded a lil cheesy....But I guess not :) Yall are making me more confidant here

Steve E said...

One more:

"...and Thank You Lord, for giving us this wonderful Gratitude List through your Peep Jennifer!"

JStar said...

:) Awww thanks Steve...

Solomon said...

This is really nice!


Anonymous said...

Well... that's very interessting but actually i have a hard time understanding it... wonder what others have to say..

Eternally Distracted said...

Very nicely done :0)

Miss.Fortune said...

we definitely must ALWAYS give thanks..be grateful for what has taken place in our lives. it defines us!