Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You are the ONE

You are the man that I dreamed about as a little girl
The man I fantasized about in my mind
You are the man I have been searching my whole life for
The man I thought I'd never find
You caught me off guard
I had stopped searching
After searching long and hard
To find someone nurturing
I thought you didnt really exist
I thought you were just a figment of my imagination
When our eyes met I couldnt resist
I knew it wasnt infatuation
I knew that very moment you were the "ONE"
The one I would share with the rest of my life
You left me stunned
Especially when you asked me to be your wife
I know that this is real
I know that this is true love
Anything that comes our way
I know we can deal
Your sincerity makes you stand above
Your loyalty is profound
Your love is unconditional
Your warmth surrounds
Your love is  not restrictional
You are that special someone that I have been waiting for
We finally found each other
You are the one that I adore
I dont ever want to recover
You go that extra step to give me so much more
You love and accept me for me
You never criticize
You listen to what I have to say, communication is the key
You have me mesmerized
If I am wrong, I never want to be right
I want to keep this feeling live
I know that everyone will have that occasional fight
Making you the happiest is what I strive
Thank you
For loving me
And always being true
Thank you baby
I will always give you respect that is due
I will always love you and be true


Anonymous said...

Very complimentary and nice. The beauty of poetry is that it's transferrable to any individual and interpreted uniquely.
You are an outstanding poet!


JStar said...

:) Thanks Secretia...

Brian Miller said...

beautiful...love the emotion in your poetry...it carries me away

The Write Girl said...

Two poems today, what a treat!! I like both pieces. I believe you will find all the attributes you seek in a man, both spiritually and physically.

Susan said...

Very nice piece. I feel the love and sincerity it describes. I just wrote two poems today that you might like. Come check them out :)

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

yea i have those, "dedicated to my love" poems and notes i used to write my ex wife. grrr @ the thought lol.

this was nice. it's nice to be totally gone in someone. to be free and open and to know it's love. to feel it's love. really miss the feeling when it's gone, sometimes more than the person.