Thursday, February 25, 2010


Good Morning All!  I wrote this yesterday about my experience being Baptized with my daughters!  This experience was beyond words, but I did my best to capture my feelings at the time.  Last spring I decided to renew my commitment with God, and my daughters also expressed the same intrest.  So we were Baptized last April together!  I am still so proud of my girls.  They have been on the honor roll for years, but this semester my oldest got straight A's-Her GPA is 4.12 and she recieved a plaque :)  That will look good on her college applications next year :)

Repenting our sins
Our walk with Him begins

His glory within us resides
Grasping the wholeness He provides

Taking His extended invite
We are dressed in all white

As my body is dipped into His holy waters
I commit my life to Him beside my daughters

With His holy spirit, I feel renewed
Arising from the waters, the reformed me debuted

My daughters followed my lead
What a tear-filled honor indeed

I stood next to them while thier bodies were submerged and purified
In His name, we glorify

We now see the world with different eyes
Our spirit and soul has now been Baptized


Brian Miller said...

how neat that you could share this experience with them...smiles.

JStar said...

Thanks Brian! It was an out of body experience...

25champ said...

Beautiful poem! It's a blessing that you and your girls shared that experience together.

järnebrand said...

Nice. :)
It's wonderful to hear how much you love your daughters, and how they are doing so well in life and in school. Well done, Mom...! :)

JStar said...

Yes Champ, that was a beautiful day!

JStar said...

:) Aww those words touch my heart Jarnebrand...I try my hardest!

The Brown Blogger said...

I'm glad you shared this experience with us. Inspiration inspires inspiration and action.

JStar said...

I am glad that you enjoyed Brown Blogger...I hope to touch others and inspire!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a commitment, and it seems to have brought your family much happiness.


Dulce said...

The first time I read you writing about another type of love... Supreme love

I like your hair waved...better, you beautiful woman!

Senorita said...

Thanks for sharing, this is a beautiful post.

Your daughters sound like great girls. They will go far in life. You must be so proud !

Miss.Stefanie said...

I LOVED THIS!! Made me feel so was so personal and intimate. VERY BEAUTIFUL! God is good.And if I hvent told you--Thank you for crossing paths with me. Its your words that often make me smile. Makes me go on when some days I didnt. THANK YOU!! You have changed me.

Brian Miller said...

woohoo! came back for the vids...thanks for sharing them. big smiles!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

You are so blessed to share
this with your daughters.


Cynthia said...

Dear J., thank you for sharing
this beautifully spiritually time
with your readers. You are truly

25champ said...

That's beautiful.JStar soon I'll be getting my girls ready for the same experience except I'm already baptized.

The Write Girl said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful and spiritual experience. This is wonderful and very special. I'm so happy you have chosen to share this moment with your daughters.

Susan said...

What a great way to begin your walk. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that you shared this with your daughters :0)

The Visionary Butterfly said...

That is awesome!

Realliveman said...

This is a glorious experience!

The MANChild Swagga said...

The is a very beautiful read. Thanks for sharing... and congratulations.

JStar said...

Thanks Secretia, Yes it really has…But of course when u take that 1st step…The devil works overtime on you…I am still struggling with all the drama he is throwin, but God is STILL blessin in the midst…

:) That’s the GREATEST kind of love Dulce! Why thank you! My hair is naturally curly, but you know we always want the opposite of what we have lol…So I straighten it…

Thanks Senorita, they are…I couldn’t have asked for better daughters! They are my joy in totality…

Steph, your words touched my heart so….I am GRATEFUL to be an inspiration…That’s my purpose in life and its comforting to my heart to know I have touched you and encouraged you.

Very much obliged Brian :)

Yes Shakira, the most beautiful experience of my life, after their births of course :)

Thanks for appreciating Cynthia!

Yes Champ, that’s ok…You will be there to witness. I was Baptized as a child, but felt the need to renew my vows to him….And was perfect doing so along side of my girls!

Thanks The Write Girl! The experience was beautiful! I hope my message inspires!

Oh YES Susan!

Yes, it was AMAZING Eternally Distracted!

Thanks Ms Butterfly :)

Thanks Realliveman!

Thanks ManChild for visiting and appreciating