Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Desires invade
Minds concentration
Distort thoughts
Configuring manifestations
Replacing ambitions
Caught in the moment
Criteria dissipated
Lighting desire
Tantalizing frustrations
Inviting tensions
Settling for less
Less deserved
Passing blessings
Succumbing to
Controlling desires


Anonymous said...

i feel the same way. hope you're doing good :)

Brian Miller said...

i know this tension well...good to see you today jstar...

Dulce said...

Yes, all that and more desire does..

Indi said...

JStar ~ nicely wrote my dear



Miss.Stefanie said...

Love it! I emailed you...on the email that is on FB...

heavealie said...

srry for the absence!!but didn't get the time read any of the fellow blogs. once again very well written poem as usual.your style has changed a little its more discrete to the point.desires definitely are the cause for confusing the noble mind. keep writing. happi new yr to u and ur lovely kids.have a great year.

twist said...

Simply talented when mind and words are combined! Time to put your voice out there too!

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Open your heart and let it all go...you'd amaze yourself.

Happy New Year, Jenny

The Write Girl said...

Desires have a way of consuming us and keeping us off track. I hope you are well in the New Year dear. Take care!!

1manview said...

Desire is the hardtest emotion to control, where it is the easiest to consume us.... Nice wriye JStar,,,