Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gone Too Long

I know I have been gone too long
But so much has been going on
I haven’t had a free moment to sit and write
Thousands of words are floating in my head despite
Unable to release
Can’t wait until this chaos cease’s
Not that any of it has been bad
Or any reasons to be sad
It’s just this thing called life getting in the way
Blocking the words I am dying to say
I promise, soon I will again write from my heart
And never again from you depart

Hello All! I sincerely applogize for being away wayyyy toooo long. I have been VERRRRRYYY busy at work finishing up this project. And also dealing with the worst toothache/migrane in the WORLD...Its FINALLY been taken care of and I am still living despite lol...This was a quick two minute poem to express my sorrow for not being able to write lately....This will soon change :) Keep looking out!


Brian Miller said...

life happens you knew we would be here waiting...smiles. good to see you...

25champ said...

Glad that you r ok

TWIST said...

About dayum time.

Carlus Wilmot said...

Sincerely hope things slow down and be less hectic. I hate migraine, had them in the 80's. Take care, I am not by as much as I'd like due to work and life's hectic pace.