Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Aids took over and totally consumed his body
Causing him constant immeasurable pain
The pain was so great that he pushed away everybody
Until he was unable to maintain
He was no longer the brother I once knew
He had only himself to blame
This is the brother that taught me how to tie my shoes
He tortured himself in shame
He was scared to die but it was now a reality
All he wanted was to be loved
And now he was paying for his sexuality
He died feeling completely unloved
Except from his family and the people who really mattered
My mom had to watch her son slowly wither away
Her world was forever shattered
His death affected everyone around
I not only lost my brother but my best friend
Even though 13 years has passed, his presence still surrounds
The sorrow of missing him will never end
The memories I will never forget
The good and bad times I will always cherish
There is not a moment of regret
I still can’t believe his life on earth has been perished
I will hold his love in my heart forever
And the lessons he taught
His son never really knew his father however
His battle on earth has been fought

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1manview said...

A smooth rhyming and soul awakening write.. I like to thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you also visit the other side of me at

JStar said...

Thanks! Yes, that was one of my most painful experiences of my life. Writing helps me release those feelings. I will def check out your other page as well...