Thursday, August 6, 2009

Missing your Love

It’s the soft, slow kisses on my neck I miss
Sending me into a total state of bliss

Making love felt like we were the only two in existence
Continuously pleasing me with strong persistence

Watching the sun set with the light of the moon reflecting off of the waves
Its only you I endlessly crave

Driving for hours with strong anticipation
To relieve all of my sexual frustration

Just being in your presence
Feeling your essence

Was all I ever needed
But my insecurities interceded

Being unable to trust I ruined “us”
And any chances we had of success

But I can’t stop feeling the pain
Now only missing your touch remains

Missing the sound of your voice
The way you made my heart rejoice

Inside and out the way you made me feel
My true feelings I can no longer conceal

I am missing your love
And the lack thereof

© copyright Tue Aug 06 10:20:19 UTC 2009 - All Rights Reserved


1manview said...

Sad, with a lonely heart, but a beautiful write..

JStar said...

Thanks :) Yea, it was heartbreaking but he did take me back and we are now working on us...So, I hope that it all works out...Only time will tell...