Monday, December 5, 2011

Stage Fright

Its not easy to get up here
With an audience so near
Eyes focused on me awaiting the message I am to deliver
To my core I feel a shiver
The pit of my stomach is in knotts
From the spotlight I am starting to see spots
That lump in my throat forming
My embarassment of performing
But I am making yet another attempt to overcome my fears
And in front of others sharing my tears
Friends and family for years didn't even know I wrote
Words that only to the paper I spoke
My hearts desires written in words that define me as a whole
Demonstrating the love that seeps from the depths of my soul
As well as detailing some of my dissapointments that led to anger
Up here, sharing a part of me in front of strangers
This mic extremely terrifies me
As much as I try to hide its obvious to see
No matter how well I know the piece, my mind goes blank
I bring a back -up reference, so I won't have to think
Because poetry is my lifes eyesight
If I can only get over this damn stage fright


Brian Miller said...

smiles. ok imagining them all naked does not hear you but also if i ever get up there and feel completely comfortable then i am not speaking hard enough...still get the butterflies...just saying...

J said...

I have terrible stage fright as well. I Find that closing my eyes or looking through the audience, not directly at them helps. Sometimes I'll crack a joke and the laughter soothes my nerves. The audience knows that you're human and they understand nervousness. Really they do.

Also, I practice my poems at home out loud repeatedly until I've developed a comfortable confidence to perform without the assistance of paper on stage, this allows me more freedom behind the mic.

Keep going J! The stage fright may never go away so you have to find ways to work through it during the time you're up there.

I hope some of my tips helped.

Sharing your thoughts in front of a room full of people takes a lot of courage. The confidence is there inside of you waiting to be called into action.

Good luck J!

The Gooseberry Garden said...

Happy Birthday.

we have your date stated in our poetry picnic post,

link in a random poem to share if you could.

bless you.

keep up the excellence.

RoByn LaTice said...

This is exactly why i can't do spoken word.

Although I desperately want to. I want people to hear how my words are to be delivered. In my voice.

But I too, am scared shitless.