Saturday, December 21, 2013

The past has passed

You didn't treat me the way I deserved when you had me
I was all yours and made that clear to see
So why do you now send me "I am thinking of you" messages to my phone
I didn't hear from you in my months of healing alone
But when I decide to move on and am happy with another, you now can't live without me
Our parting was what we agreed
And what was truly best 
My loyalty you now want to test 
But you know I am loyal to the one I am with, so why do you think you can change my mind
Thinking I am having any desires to go back in time 
Repeating our past is not something I want to return to
My life is happier without you
I am sorry if that has you missing what was real
Love for you my heart no longer feels
It's time to accept that what we had is long gone
You must now move on
Because I have and nothing you can say or do can change my feelings for you
And any devising plans you can possibly construe
Your stalker tendencies are becoming old
So please remove any love for me that your heart still holds
These words to you will be my last
I am leaving the past in the past


Reggie said...

There are times when love is so painful, that no matter how it ended, we just don't want to let it go.

I pity anyone that has never loved or been loved.

JStar said...

Thank you Reggie! Yes, I pitty ones that do now know what love feels like.

1manview said...

Sometimes it takes more strength to let go...

Very nice piece Jstar ... Sorry I haven' been around, my computer put me down. Hopefully a new one in the new year .. :)

Happy holiday