Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Forever Young

Forever Young

Dedicated to the life of Andrea Arnold

Our Heavenly Father needed His angel
We can search for reasons from every angle
And still never understand
His ultimate plan
Take comfort that she can no longer feel pain
Even though your life will never again be the same
Cherish the memories that will never fade
Find that strength that she always displayed
I will always remember her smile
Although I have only known her a short while
She was one of my daughters best friends
The person she could confide and depend
I saw a beautiful soul
Mother to mother; I wish I had the words to console
Always remember the laughter and the fun
In our hearts she is forever young

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time of sorrow.  Andrea touched the lives of the people who knew her.  She will live on in our hearts and souls!  Everytime I get in my car I will remember her in my back seat dancing and singing with my daughters.  I saw her being a young vibrant teenager hanging out with a girl friend.  Andrea and Tanaesha were becoming closer friends.  Tanaesha trusted her with secrets she could tell no one else and knew that advice from her would be honest and forthcoming.  We will cherish the short time that she was in our lives!

With Love and Blessing,


Jingle said...

lovely post for your daughter's friend...
hope that you feel better.

Brian Miller said...

good to see you back Jstar...sweet post. how is your daughter doing int he wake of this?

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Amazing how God works! He knows our needs before we even ask. Very touching post!

Miss.Stefanie said...

This was such a beautiful post J...

25champ said...

Ur spiritial growth has been amazing and in recognizing Gods small miracles it's seems that ur blessing have been endless these days. It's all part of his plan :)

Realliveman said...

You have a huge heart, J.

Beautiful poem.

Dulce said...

This is so sweet of you. I hope you get better and better as you get to accept what's happened. They say time heals wounds. Some might take longer, but... we must survive.

Hugs to you my dear J


Emmanuel Ibok said...

Glad to see you back...Missed you...Cheers!

Don said...

I like seeing strong human beings be awarded for their endurance. I am happy for you that some sense of relief has arrived and hopefully it sustains until your personal storm has passed.

Andrea is in a much better place. I lost a friend on Fathers Day. He was murdered outside his home as his wife managed to get away.

I just don't understand why God won't save this world.

Senorita said...

You are a wonderful mother, and I am glad you found support from the people at your church.

ray said...

I'm happy for you, and proud of you and proud of those who surround you. Blessings come in many ways and forms, and many will continue to come your way because of who you are.


The Visionary Butterfly said...

That is so sad, and your poem is so sweet. My condolences to the Arnold family Jstar! And I am sorry to hear that your situation hasn't improved, nonetheless you are blessed.


The Write Girl said...

What a beautiful and fitting tribute to this young woman JStar...I hope her loved ones and friends can begin to heal. I am very happy that you've been blessed and touched by people in your marketing group. God is good! Thanks for the testimony.

Jingle said...


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