Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here one day, gone the next
Its the time in between to reflect
Making each day joyous and fulfilling
Be open and willing
To take on each obstacle that comes our way
Not being lead astray
Cherish love in totality
Make happiness a reality
Stop wasting time in sorrow
Look forward to tomorrow
For it is never promised
Let the beauty of today not be dismissed


25champ said...

My sentiments exactly. Nobody dies in vain and as painful as it is their's still a 2morrow. The best gift 2 the dead is to live. Good Read!

Brian Miller said...

i hear is all we have...hope you enjoy the rest!

Anonymous said...

never put off tomorrow what is so needed just be thankful..deep wisdom contained here inside beautifully written words.

Jingle said...

beautiful realizations.

Miss.Stefanie said...

Beautiful relaizations

Emmanuel Ibok said...

True words and I love the rhymes. Take care of you...Cheers

Jingle said...

all 5 awards for you.
many thanks!

No Rally next week.