Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Persuasive Essay

Good Morning All!  I am sorry that I havent posted anything in a few days.  I have been crazy busy at work this week.  Last week I was struggling, and most of this week as well....But you know what, I made it through those storms....And just knowing that its going to be alright anyways, makes me strong enough to endure whatever is thrown my way next week...

I wrote the below as a persuasive essay for my writing class.  I was told to write about something that happened in my life or in the news in the last three weeks.  And this is what came out onto the paper.  Its kind of a testimony showing that God does open doors and that God is always on time...With everything I have been dealing with, this was a fitting reminder to me....enjoy and be encouraged!

     God opens doors.

     Even when you are still making the same mistakes, he has your back.

     Even when you lose focus and direction, he still shows you the way.

     God always shows you how to get back on track.  He will allow you to make your mistakes and suffer the consequences of your actions.  But he will not put more on you than you can bear, even when it feels like you just cant take no more, you can.  Adversity makes us stronger.  If we take our troubles to God and have faith that everything will work out just as its supposed to, it will.  Its out decisons that hold us back from our blessings.  When you stop worrying and have faith, then your burdens and troubles dont affect you the same.

     God is always on time.

     Even when you dont know how you are going to make it from one day to the next, he will provide.

     Even when help doesnt come when you think you need it, it will come right on time.

     For a week I was worried about how I could come up with twenty-five dollars that I needed to pay my rent.  I stressed myself the entire week trying to come up with solutions to get this paid. 

     A co worker walked up to me and said, "The Holy spirit told me that you needed this."

     Mind you this co worker had no idea that I was struggling with financial difficulties.  He handed me exactly twenty-five dollars and walked away.  It was confirmation to me that God does really have my back and that God is always right on time.

     God opens doors.

     Even when troubles in your life tell you that you are not going to make it through, you will.

     Even when what you wanted doesnt come to pass, your blessing will supersede your wants.

     Then last week, I was stressing because I didnt know how I was going to make it to work that week.  I did not have a dollar to my name.  I went the entire week not eating and keeping to myself.  Consumed with thoughts of how I could get the money I needed for gas and food.  Minutes before it was time to leave work for the day, my supervisor offered to fill up my gas tank.  That gas allowed me to make it to work for the next three days.  This showed me that help comes from place that I didnt know was an option.

     God is always on time.

     Even when life throws you unexpected curve balls, he will give you the strength to endure.

     Even when the clouds are too thick to see clearly, he will be your constant guide.

     I have come so far in my life that I know that God will not let me fall flat on my face, again.  I overcame a drug addict husband, joblessness, homelessness, giving custody of my daughters to thier father and an abusive boyfriend.  I now have a good job, my own apartment with my daughters and enjoying being the best mother that I can be to my teenage daughters.  I am so terrified of losing everything again that when I come up short, I get paranoid.  I worry and stress myself over everything when if I rested my faith in God, there would be no need to worry.  But no matter how bad it looks, God opens doors and make a way out of no way.  God is always on time, no matter what the cut off notice says.  God steps in just in the nick of time.

     God opens doors.

     Even when life consumes us, he will show us mercy.

     Even when we have hit our rock bottom, he will pick us up and carry us through the fires.

     Having faith in God; he will open doors that you never thought possible.  And provide things you couldnt have imagined for yourself.  Just the knowing that he is always on time provides unimaginable comfort.  He will provide an inner peace that never before existed.  Why waste time and energy stressing and worrying, risking your health over something that will work out in the end anyways.  God continues to show me that there is no need to stress because he will take care of me no matter what.  No matter what life looks like, he will carry me through anything that comes my way.  Just stay strong and continue to fight the battles that life brings our way.  Look forward to the rewards of our strength and endurance.

     God opens doors and he is always on time.


Dulce said...

I am glad my call was heard... I am glad you write from the mercy and the heart of those open doors, opened by God on time
This is just so BEAUTIFULLY writen , dearest J


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i live by these thoughts everyday. i love that the one person who doesn't expect us to be perfect, is perfect. second line says it best, "Even when you are still making the same mistakes, he has your back."

even when we haven't learned from our mistakes he's still there patient, and waiting for us to follow him.

very nice essay. brightened up my morning.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful JStar.

Jingle said...

faith is cool,
thank you for the light!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Very well written and right on time. I love it.

Brian Miller said...

nice essay...some great truths there...i would probably offer more eaxmples from your life as "proof" depending on who you are trying to persuade...

25champ said...

J u know I love this. Perserverance and faithfullness is how I breathe. God never changes and love u unoconditional. Reading this reminds me of how far I've come and that the sky is the limit. Great Post!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Love this essay!

Crystal Mary said...

"What a friend we have in Jesus"...
He never fails us. God loves you and hear all your concerns..even for $25, what a blessing.
YOU are the apple of His eye.
Praise His name.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Indeed God opens doors and God rains blessings. All we need to do is work towards those doors and take the umbrellas that prevent the blessings from raining on us off...I am happy you have found stability. Sorry I have rarely come here, apart from my health, there are some petties that needs to be sorted out...My presence will be felt again as soon as I bounce back. Please do take care of yourself. You are one friend I have in mind...Cheers!!!

Mr. Stupid said...

That's a beautiful Essay. God always walks by our side. Loved reading your words.
Have a good day...:)

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.